Tillamook Salmon

Oregon Salmon Fishing

The most coveted of all species to fish for in Oregon is Salmon, with the most popular of the species being the Chinook Salmon.

Chinook Salmon are know by many different names:
- Chinook
- King Salmon
- Tyee Salmon
- Black Mouth

The size of the Chinook Salmon can vary between 10 - 20+ pounds depending on the run that you are fishing. The fall run seems to produce a bigger fish whereas the Spring run typically has smaller fish. Although both runs of Chinook salmon are delicious the Spring run salmon is by far the most coveted for its flavor.

Oregon also has runs of Coho (Silver) Salmon, Sockey (Red) Salmon, Chum (Dog) Salmon and Pink Salmon. All of these fish are fun to catch but typically fisherman are only after the Chinook and Coho salmon to eat.
chinook identifier