Oregon Halibut

Pacific Oregon Halibut

Pacific Halibut are found the coast of SE Alaska all the way into the waters off of California. They are typically found in deeper waters of 200' or more.

We are lucky enough to have some of the most productive Halibut beds in Oregon just off the coast of Tillamook. Instead of having runs of 6 hours or more to get to the fishing beds we are running less than an hour and are generally fishing in only 100' of water.

Most of the Pacific Oregon Halibut we catch are in the 20 lb - 30 lb range but its not that uncommon to catch fish that weigh 70 lbs or more.

Halibut under 20 lbs are called chickens and fish closer to the 100 lb range are called Barn Doors. The larger fish can put up a serious fight and many times anglers will share the task of bringing on to the boat because they tend to wear a person out. Its like trying to reel in 3 sheets of plywood from the bottom of the ocean.

While Halibut fishing we can also pick up the occasional Ling Cod or Rock Fish which makes the day interesting.

Halibut is some of the best tasting fish you have ever eaten and typically you will get 60% of the weight of the fish in filets tp take home with you.