2019 Oregon Winter Steelhead Fishing

by WreckTangle
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We have just started our 2019 Oregon winter steelhead fishing season on the Wilson River.  The run is mainly composed of our quality brood stock fish, which we are just starting to see through the end of March 2019.

Oregon Winter Steelhead are some of the feisty fish you will ever set a hook on. They seem to have endless energy and most of the time they will take the battle to the air as they are the most acrobatic fresh water fish in Oregon.

With water levels still a bit high finding fish will be a little tougher task until the water drops a bit. Once we get a a few clear days in a row you will surely see many limits of fish coming in.

The Oregon Steelhead Season is short so make sure you book you trip or trips as soon as possible.

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